Farbest Announces Two New Product Offerings: Stevia InSweet® and Vitosa®

PARK RIDGE, N.J. Feb. 2019 – Farbest Brands is proud to offer two new, non-GMO natural sweeteners: Stevia InSweet® and Vitosa®. This development comes as a result of Farbest’s new status as the authorized US Distributor of HB Natural Ingredients Stevia.

HB Natural Ingredients has direct control over a sustainable, integrated Stevia supply chain from farming to processing, and has developed innovative technology that improves the taste of its products, eliminating any bitter aftertaste. Every step of its chain is traceable, and all Stevia products are non-GMO and environmentally responsible. Farbest’s status as their authorized US Distributor provides exclusive access to a reliable supply of top-quality Stevia ingredients.

Both InSweet® and Vitosa® feature a clean, sugar-like taste and finish, remarkable stability, and extremely high solubility and disperseability. As diabetes and obesity rates rise along with sugar taxes, both ingredients are emerging as great solutions to natural sugar reduction in food products and beverages—without sacrificing taste.

To learn more, contact Michele Perrotta, Product Manager at 201.‌573.‌4900