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January 25,2016: Alland & Robert’s new Instant Soluble Acacia gum 500i helps stabilize complex oil emulsions in beverages. International acacia gum expert Alland & Robert introduces Instant Soluble Acacia gum 500i. It’s a new product dedicated to the stabilization of the complex oil emulsions in aqueous solutions. [read more]

November 10,2015: Discover Acacia Gum, an Unknown Natural Ingredient Found in Many Common Food Products—Alland & Robert, a french company founded 131 years ago, is today an international leader in Acacia Gum, an all-natural and safe ingredient mainly used in the food industry. Acacia Gum is an edible vegetable exudate, coming from the acacia trees. It can flow either naturally or as a result of an incision made in the branches of the tree. [read more]

September 28, 2015: Key Interview: Alland & Robert Masters the Market for Acacia Gum, Reaping Rewards From Investments—Many processed food ingredients promise stability of flavor functionality and many do the job with consistency and reliability. However, one ingredient, Acacia Gum, brings more to the table than just stability. [read more]

September 17, 2015: Alland & Robert Introduces Powder Encapsulation, Instant Soluble Gum Acacia—In order to meet the needs of the agri-food industry, international expert in Gum Acacia Alland & Robert developed its latest reference Instant Soluble Gum Acacia 338i, dedicated to the encapsulation of flavors, oleoresins or colors in powder form. [read more]

June 16, 2015: Gum Acacia Earns Investment to Improve Functionalities—Convinced that the functionalities of gum acacia can be further developed and improved, French company Alland 7 Robert, a global leader in gum acacia, has invested in new equipment including a laser particle sizer and an ultrasonic homogenizer. [read more]