The Secret Ingredient for Your Baked Goods

Crackers, cookies, and baked goods – they’re a fan favorite, but notorious for their high glycemic index and low nutritive value. Until now, that is. Baking with gum acacia adds fiber, and lowers sugar, and doesn’t sacrifice taste. Find out more in this white paper – complete with real recipes you can use in your food products!

Gum Karaya: Everything You Need to Know!

There’s a new natural stabilizer available for your foods—and it’s more versatile than ever. Gum Karaya is a non‑starch polysaccharide ideal for formulating coatings, fillings, dressings, stabilizers, and acting as a thickening agent. Download our report to learn more!

Need to thicken and stabilize your foods?

Syndeo S is the answer! An innovative blend of gum acacia and gum karaya, Syndeo S is a 100% natural way to thicken and texturize food and beverage products while improving mouthfeel, promoting moisture retention, and avoiding syneresis. Download the report to get all the details!

Gum Acacia Organic Fiber Solutions

Gum Acacia is a natural fiber. With 100% solubility, a 90% fiber content, and a completely tasteless flavor profile, it’s an incredible way to add clean nutrition to your food products. Download our report for more insight into this USDA-certified, sustainable fiber solution!

Gum Acacia and Bread: Technical Paper

In this comprehensive technical guide, Alland & Robert / Farbest Brands show that gum acacia is the ideal agent to dramatically improve both conventional and gluten‑free breads. In it, you’ll learn that gum acacia:

    • Is a clean-label, non-GMO natural ingredient
    • Bread stays fresh longer, increasing its shelf life
    • Improves bread’s taste and texture

You’ll also get lab and consumer-tested recipes to improve your breads. Download this free technical paper now!


Need More Fiber in Your Yogurt? Add Gum Acacia!

This natural fiber solution is non-GMO, 100% soluble, and won’t cause stomach discomfort. Even better, it has a minimum 90% fiber content and ferments slowly, meaning fiber won’t be lost while your yogurt sits on the shelf. Plus, it’s tasteless and low calorie. Download our report now to learn more about gum acacia fiber!

Want to Take Your Noodles to the Next Level?

Add gum acacia to your extrusion process. It’s a natural film former when used as a processing aid, and allows for quicker and better hydration of noodles. Plus, it improves their taste and texture, and allows for better expansion. Gum acacia is the secret ingredient to making incredible noodles—download our report to learn more!
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