Farbest Brands Named The Preferred North American Distributor Of Pea Protein For Jianyuan Foods Group

PARK RIDGE, N.J., Nov. 26, 2018 — Farbest Brands has just been named the preferred North American distributor of pea protein by Jianyuan Foods Group, a Chinese manufacturer. This announcement comes as Jianyuan will start commissioning its new, state-of-the-art production facility in the coming weeks. The new facility provides a significant increase in pea protein supply for Farbest customers beginning in 2019.

“For over 8 years we have worked closely with Jianyuan to bring their high quality pea protein to the North American market,” said Daniel M. Meloro, Farbest’s President and Chairman. “It is an honor to be named their Preferred Distributor allowing us to bring Farbest, our customers, and Jianyuan even closer together.”

The new manufacturing plant features advanced technology that provides unprecedented control over the processing environment. New sophisticated systems will give Farbest the ability to meet and even exceed customer demands for clean tasting pea protein completely free of allergens and gluten.

“Besides improvements in the products, the new plant gives us significantly more volume to meet any customer demand,” said Meloro. “Now customers can be assured of uninterrupted supply of the best pea protein on the market.”

“For 64 years Farbest has brought the best quality food ingredients to North America,” said Meloro. “No one can match our combination of legendary service, customer care, and high quality ingredients.”

For more information about company products or Farbest’s partnership with Jianyuan Foods Group, please contact Farbest Brands at 1-800-897-6096 or visit farbest.com/contact.