Gum Acacia as a Tool for Sugar Reduction

The shift in attitudes towards sugar is one of the important food evolutions of the last few years. As the public and health authorities develop a deeper understanding of the role sugar plays in our diets a new demand for reducing and eliminating sugar content has spread through the food industry. Farbest’s partner Alland &

Gum Acacia: A Sustainable Food Additive Supporting Communities Across Africa

Gum Acacia is well established as an excellent natural emulsifier, stabilizer, texturizer, and as a source of fiber. But outside of its role in the food industry, gum acacia production is vitally important in arid countries in Africa for improving soil fertility, reducing desertification, and providing a source of income for small communities throughout the

Farbest Announces Two New Product Offerings: Stevia InSweet® and Vitosa®

PARK RIDGE, N.J. Feb. 2019 – Farbest Brands is proud to offer two new, non-GMO natural sweeteners: Stevia InSweet® and Vitosa®. This development comes as a result of Farbest’s new status as the authorized US Distributor of HB Natural Ingredients Stevia. HB Natural Ingredients has direct control over a sustainable, integrated Stevia supply chain from