The FDA announces new classification of Gum Acacia as a dietary fiber

Paris, France – December 17, 2021 – International leader in natural gums Alland & Robert is delighted that acacia gum can be classified as a fiber for nutrition labeling purposes in the United States.

This decision from the FDA was made public on December 17, 2021, and will consequently allow acacia gum to count as a dietary fiber on American Nutrition and Supplement Facts labels. Acacia gum is an ingredient or additive used worldwide in a wide range of products. Strong scientific literature demonstrates that acacia gum is a fiber. Today, the FDA agreed that acacia gum has physiological effects beneficial to human health, such as the reduction of blood glucose and insulin levels after it is eaten with a meal containing a carbohydrate that raises blood glucose levels.

Alland & Robert, along with a work group of other acacia gum stakeholders, has submitted two science-backed citizen petitions in 2019 and 2020, in order to provide the FDA with data showing proof that acacia gum has indeed

“physiological benefits to human health”. Dr. Isabelle Jaouen, R&D Director at Alland & Robert said: “We have provided the FDA with numerous data coming from several clinical trials to support our request that acacia gum be recognized as a dietary fiber. Two laboratories that specialize in clinical nutrition, including one university, have been mandated for the design and realization of the clinical tests. Our citizen petitions included data showing the benefits of acacia gum on blood glucose levels”.

Commenting on the FDA decision, Mr. Frédéric Alland, CEO at Alland & Robert said :

“We are extremely satisfied that the FDA agrees with us that acacia gum is a fiber and can be labelled as such. It’s a great news for the American consumers, who will be able to enjoy this natural ingredient in their daily food. Alland & Robert remains committed to providing the highest quality of natural and non-GMO Acacia Fiber”.

Acacia gum, also known as gum Arabic or E414, is a natural, vegetal, safe, functional and healthy additive used in flavors, beverages, confectionery, dairy, bakery, dietary products, pharma and cosmetics among others. Acacia gum is today found in thousands of day-to-day products all over the world. Alland & Robert guarantees a minimum fiber content of 90% for all products of its Acacia Fiber range (international method AOAC 985-29). In the United States, Alland & Robert is distributed exclusively by US company Farbest Brands.

ABOUT ALLAND & ROBERT Created in 1884, Alland & Robert is a French family company and pioneer in natural tree exudates. With a strong focus on acacia gum, an entirely natural additive and ingredient, Alland & Robert exports to over 70 countries through a network of 40 distributors. With the aim of providing high-quality natural gums, Alland & Robert is fully committed to sustainable growth in line with its active corporate social responsibility plan, including the manufacturing of low carbon products and the support and protection of African communities and environment thanks to the company Corporate Foundation. This vision is supported by a large network of raw material suppliers in Africa, compliance with international certifications, a dedicated R&D team and partnerships with internationally recognized universities including Montpellier University.